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We understand every person has a different story.We understand everyone’s financial situation is different.We understand that you need your own plan, for your own finances, in a way that’s flexible and respectful to your current situation.Our professional attitude and long-term, local expertise is what allows us to build you a sturdy financial framework; but it is the care for our clients and the empathy we demonstrate with them that makes Avoca Consultants the trusted, reliable choice for creating peace of mind.

We’ll Listen to You. You and your finances are unlike anyone else’s, so it goes without saying that your financial consultant should have your interests at heart and are willing to listen to anything and everything you have to say. We can’t predict what life will throw at us. But we can defend ourselves for whatever comes our way. So don’t be haunted by your finances.



It’s vitally important you ask yourself:Am I financially prepared should my income suddenly stop, due to an accident or illness? Have I thought about what would happen to my debt should something happen to me?

Do I know what options I have available to ensure I’m protected against life’s misfortunes? What options are right for me? One of the leading causes of financial turmoil and distress is inadequate insurance cover against life’s unexpected and sometimes tragic events; such as accidents, illness, premature death and natural disasters.

Although it’s easy to categorise such events as unlikely, or perhaps it’s just easy to forget how these events would impact you and your loved ones financially, it’s important to remember: At the heart of every sound financial plan is an effective financial strategy.



The first two steps of our consulting process is about understanding your perspective and protecting you from unpredictable misfortune. We’ve planted the seed for your financial freedom and in the third step the seed will begin to sprout.Avoca Consultants will provide you with personalised, actionable advice so you have peace of mind.

We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your current cash flow to work out where your money is coming from, where it goes and how it could be more effectively allocated.You and your finances are like no other. Avoca Consultants respects that you’re an individual with individual needs.



No two snowflakes are the same, even though they appear identical to the naked human eye. Much the same can be said about every day of your life.Avoca Consultants take great care in ensuring your financial plan is adaptive and flexible to the ever-changing climate surrounding your financial position.Your personal circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, which can have a significant effect on your finances. Are you aware of some of the primary changes in personal circumstances that could impact your finances?

Change in occupation; Change in income; New investments (i.e.- New Mortgage); New addition to your family; Inheritance; Accident or Illness; Sudden/Unforeseen redundancy or loss of employment – These are all the kinds of things that could impact your financial plan.Even small changes can have a ripple effect on your everyday life, so it’s important we ensure your plan is perfectly adapted to your current situation – no matter how fast or dramatically it changes.

Avoca Consultants offer regular reviews to your financial situation that prove critical to achieving sustained financial success and independence.By regularly sitting down to review your financial position, we’ll ensure that any changes to your financial situation don’t leave you feeling out of touch or incapable of the way things are going. We’re here for you every step of the way, to help clear the path to your financial freedom.

Step 5


Finances are complex, confusing and a little bit scary – but we get it. After all, Avoca Consultants has been working with clients for over 20 years.Our local, trusted expertise provides reliable advice for every single one of our clients – every single time.

We pride ourselves on:
Understanding. The most important thing to us, is you. Avoca strives to understand your financial situation as best we can, so we can help you the best we can. We won’t treat you like a client. We’ll treat you like a person – with the respect and understanding you deserve.

Trust. Confidence is key to achieving financial freedom, but finances seem to inspire everything but confidence. Avoca understands how important it is that you trust the advice you’re being given. We’ll help you every step of the way, we’re here any time you need us, and we’ll always listen to what you have to say. We’re here to help you, not haunt you.Care. Above all, Avoca’s ultimate focus and care is with you. We’re here to listen and we’re here to help. Whenever you need.Avoca Consultants. Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can provide you with peace of mind. Book a free consultation..