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Martin Cunningham – My Story

First of all, welcome to Avoca Consultants. I want to share my story with you as it summarises exactly why the right insurance is so important in living a healthy life.

In my past life I was a head chef in London. I loved my job, I had a passion for it, a flair for cooking. One day in 1980, I lost my career in one flash. I had a motorcycle accident on the windy roads of London. The injuries I sustained made sure I never worked in a kitchen again. Young, and foolish, I had no insurance or income protection assist me against unforeseen tragedy. I moved to Perth and started Avoca Consultants in 1995, with the goal of making sure that what happened to me would not happen to anyone else.

I found my true calling, ensuring that people, young and old, were adequately covered by the RIGHT INSURANCE, to stop them from facing the years of hardship I faced, having zero income, and being unable to work. 95% of people I meet, are so confused with their insurance and income protection, that they are very poorly covered, and are just a number to their insurance provider.You deserve to be covered properly and appreciated, and chances are, you are not. Please take this seriously, as it can change your life.

Give me a call on 0412 119 194 and let me help you find the right insurance cover for your personal situation.

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Avoca’s commitment to providing consistent personal service to the highest quality means that we’ll work around your schedule – whenever works for you, works for us. We understand that you need to be treated with respect, care and most important as an individual. Your peace of mind is our priority.